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Buy Cheap Follistim AQ | Order Foligraf Injections online USA, UK

Buy Cheap Follistim AQ | Order Foligraf Injections

Recombinat Human Follistim AQ

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Follistim AQ es un medicamento sintético, que se usa para tratar la infertilidad en mujeres, que tienen problemas con la ovulación. También se usa para mejorar la producción de esperma en los hombres. También se usa en combinación con otro medicamento para tratar la infertilidad.

¿Cómo Follistim AQ maneja la infertilidad?

Follistim AQ es una forma sintética de la hormona folículo estimulante (FSH). Contiene Follitropin beta como su ingrediente activo. Se une a los receptores de la hormona folículo estimulante, que es un receptor transmembrana acoplado a G. Induce el proceso de fosforilación y promueve la activación de la PI3K (fosfatidilinositol-3-quinasa). De esta manera, regula la maduración metabólica y relacionada de las células. Por lo tanto, este medicamento es útil para tratar la infertilidad.

¿Quién no debería tomar este medicamento?

Hay ciertas personas que no pueden usar este medicamento, ya que este medicamento está contraindicado en estas personas . Ellos son-

& bull; No debe tomar este medicamento, si ya está embarazada. ||

• This medication should not be used in case of hypersensitivity to FSH, ovarian cyst, uncontrolled disorder of thyroid, adrenal or pituitary gland and cancer of the breast, testicles, uterus, hypothalamus, ovary or pituitary gland.

What other drugs will affect activity of Follistim AQ?

It is a hormonal medication. There are some drugs, which can alter its activity by interacting with this medication like Antagon and herbal products.

Where you should store this medication?

This medication(Foligraf injections) should be kept at in a temperature range of 20 to 80C; away from direct heat and moisture. You should not keep it in refrigerator.

How to use Follistim AQ?

This medication is available in injection forms, which are used by IM route or subcutaneous route. For ovulation induction, hypogonadism in male and follicle stimulation the individual take this drug as follow-

• For managing infertility, an initial dose of 50 international units SC daily given for 7 days. It can be increased depending upon the state of the female.

• For spermatogenesis, 225 international units SC should be given twice a week.

• For assisted reproduction, 200 international units should be given SC daily for 7 days.

What to do in case of overdose and missed dose?

It should not be used in overdose, as it can produce severe harmful effects in overdose. In case of overdose and also in missed dose, the individual should contact with the doctor as soon as possible.

What side effects are caused by Follistim AQ?

This medication can cause some side effects in some individual, which generally do not require medical attention. These include nausea, pelvic pain, sore throat, acne, skin rashes, runny nose and breast tenderness.

What are the safety points about Follistim AQ?

• In case of asthma and heart related disorders like heart strokes, you should take this drug with much care.

• You should avoid intercourse activity, while using this medication.

• During the course of this medication, you should avoid breastfeeding.

• This medication should not be used by male in case of testicular failure and by female in ovarian failure.

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